Love Burritos? Love Mexican Food?

Do you want to work in an independently owned business, where you can have an impact on the growth of the business?

We are looking for a full time team member,  who is able to cook, perhaps run a section and looking to commit to a career in catering. You may have experience, or you may be looking to grow with us.  Ideally we would like to meet someone who has management experience, however we know that supervisors often grow from within the team, so would be happy to meet people without this too.

People in our team work with integrity and professionalism.  We are serious about the food we cook and about providing great customer service. We pay attention to detail and prepare food with love and care, moreover we enjoy serving our customers. We are able to evolve as the business grows, and welcome creativity in all areas, underpinned by effective disciplines necessary in a kitchen.

The successful candidate will have a passion for food, ideally Mexican.  You will strive for excellence in food service and customer service, and as our kitchens are open you will get a buzz from working with the public!

So, this is the advert that I’ve put together, I’ve tried to be really clear about what we are looking for.  Mainly I want you to be someone who gets on with things, understands the need to follow specs and be consistent with your food, but also gets excited about developing with us and tries to solve any problems you come across.  Our senior team is great, and we have some rising stars too, could you be one of them?

You can e-mail me on