(picture June 2010)

28th May 2016

Today I am feeling so proud and grateful to live in Sheffield.

I got to work at 7am, and with the help of Jon, Iza and Darcus loaded the big yellow van with stock for Sheffield Food Festival and the 3 shops.  I drove to the Peace Gardens and left Jon there with all the stock he will need to roll burritos like crazy all day – then went to Pinstone Street, had a chat with Lexi and delivered her stock…then onto Arundel Street, where Todd and Alice were preparing for a busy day.  Finally, I drove to Glossop Road, where Martin and Ashley were waiting for me so they could get the bacon on and start making breakfast burritos.  Richard was there too, making some adjustments to the new screen in the kitchen.

On the way, I passed Yee and Antony from Yee Kwan on their way to sell their delicious ice creams at the Food Festival. A smile and a wave as we passed.

My heart was literally bursting with pride…every team member was positive and excited about the weekend, delicious food ready to fly out from each shop.

Back to the Peace Gardens, to help Jon out.  No need, he was absolutely on it and ready  – so I walked about and took photos of the other traders, and said hello here and there.

6 years ago, the Food Festival was the second event we ever did – I remember worrying that the other traders would spot that I was an imposter – an incomer to both Sheffield and the food business.  But no, I got away with it, and we both really feel that the Food Festival and Eat Sheffield have been integral to the way The Street Food Chef has grown.

So, here we are again, with all these other fantastic food traders, retailers and producers…..showing off to Sheffield and further afield.

Come and grab local cheese from Urban Pantry, sausages from Moss Valley Fine Meats, cakes & brownies from #brownies, honey from Sheffield Honey, bread from Sevenhills Bakery, ice cream from Yee Kwan, street food from Percy & Lilys, Fancy an Indian, Street Food Chef (of course) and so much more……fill your bellies and toast Sheffield!

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