Richard and I are passionate about serving great tasting food (we hope you have spotted this),  we are also passionate about serving food that is good for you.  In our personal lives we try to avoid processed food which stems from our son being super sensitive to E numbers.  As a toddler  this sensitivity manifested itself in challenging hyperactive behaviour followed by temper tantrums and tears as the chemicals worked their way through his system, not much fun.  When we removed all E numbers from his diet, things calmed down for him, and he was able to get on with the good things in life like making friends and learning the odd thing!

When we started The Street Food Chef, one of the principles we were absolutely clear on was to serve food that we are proud of and that will be good for you.  We are often asked to provide more detail about our food, and have done so on an ad hoc basis.

However, little did we realise that within our team there was someone who gets even more excited about nutrition than we do!  Kurt has worked with us for three years whilst doing his degree and masters degree, he has worked in both shops and at the events, so he gets what we are about.  He has just left Sheffield to continue his work at Loughborough, but came to us with a great idea to continue our partnership, but taking a different role in the business.

So, we are really excited to tell you lot about Kurt and what he does……

Kurt Bergin-Taylor is a consultant nutritionist and postgraduate sports nutrition student at Loughborough University. He works with a wide range of clients offering innovative nutritional solutions to a diverse array of needs. Kurt blogs, writes articles and speaks on a regular basis about all aspects of nutrition. He frequently presents his research at sports nutrition conferences around the UK and beyond.

He graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a first class BSc (Hons) Human Biology and applied sports nutrition in 2013 and has since conducted nutritional research that is soon to be published in a peer reviewed journal.

Kurt is also a keen triathlete and duathlete who competes for the GB age group team at competitions all over the world – regularly achieving top 20 positions. He hopes to progress into elite level racing in the near future.

He can be contacted at or through his blog:

As a nutritionist and a sportsman, Kurt is passionate about what he does.  He has a really practical approach to nutrition and wants to make good balanced nutrition something that we can all easily achieve – not just top level sports men and women.  He also loves our food, so for the next three months he will write a monthly blog post for us and provide us with some of the health benefits of our ingredients.  We have lots of ideas for what might happen next, and would be keen to hear what you would like to see too.