Being part of the evolution of Street Food Chef has allowed me to take on the position of in-house nutritionist! This exciting new opportunity was something I couldn’t refuse.  I have been part of the Street Food Chef experience during my studies in Sheffield and after graduating we have decided to work together on the nutritional aspects of the award winning food we provide. In doing this we will help provide the wonderful people of Sheffield with heathy, fresh, nutritious and tasty food. Company owners Richard and Abi are really passionate about healthy eating and the chance to be a part of the project was an opportunity not to be missed. I really believe in their ideas for the business and can’t wait to get involved.

We are going to really question the idea that fast food is always bad food and instead help customers make informed choices about the food they eat on a daily basis. We will be blogging, tweeting and providing information on all things nutrition. We will have question and answer sessions along with introducing new superfood items to the menu for a real nutritional boost. Not only his, we are also going to highlight the health benefits of all the wonderful produce the company uses on a regular basis to produce its award winning food.

We are not suggesting that the Street Food Chef is a health store, but we are instead providing our customers with the opportunity and knowledge to guide there food choices for the better and to highlight the wholesome ingredients contained in the foods. We understand that it’s not reasonable for everyone to start eating kilos of broccoli a day but we would love to help with your nutrition in whatever way we can.

I’m really excited to be part of this project and I hope we can help our customers reach a healthier balance with their nutrition, so stay tuned with the Street Food Chef blog as next month I will discuss the ideology of fast food being unhealthy and how we intend to change it! As always at Street Food Chef we appreciate your feedback and we would love for our customers to be involved in this nutrition journey. If you have any topics you would like addressing in future blogs please contact us via the usual means and we will make sure we satisfy your need for knowledge!