Slightly against the norm, I really enjoy January. Yes, I have eaten, drunk and spent more than I should in December, so am dealing with the same Christmas hangover that everyone is.

But, I love all the planning and resolution setting of January.  I get a buzz from that ‘fresh start’ feeling.  At home, I have cleaned cupboards, made trips to the dump and re-arranged furniture.  I have started swimming weekly again, and making juices and smoothies with the children.  Of course, life will get in the way as it usually does, several of my new resolutions will fall by the wayside but one or two will become habits and fit into my life.

Richard and I have set some very clear goals for 2015; we are developing the menu (watch this space for a rice bowl, a new breakfast item, a couple of specials and more); we are now in a position where we can invest in our great team a bit more; and putting in some effective back office structure are all on the menu.

We must not forget to celebrate all the good stuff that happened in 2014 though, and are taking our teams out to thank them in the next few weeks.  Here are some highlights for us:


Usha, Nancy and Iza had their 2nd birthday with us.



Rhiannon had her 2nd birthday with us.



Arundel Street received 5 stars in their Food Hygiene Inspection (while we were on holiday!).



We served food at our first wedding (not our wedding!).



We won the ‘Rest of the World’ category in the Eat Sheffield Awards.  It is the fourth year in a row that we have won a customer voted award at these awards, and we are so grateful for the ongoing support our customers give us.  We took our two managers out to the awards evening and had a great time with the other restaurateurs of Sheffield.  (Although there were a few sore heads the next day, I should have known that a gin martini at 1 in the morning was never going to be a good idea).

Also in October we received a mention in the Observer Food Awards as a runner up in the ‘Cheap Eats’ category.  This is also a customer voted  award, so to make it as a runner up in a National newspaper was really something.  It is worth mentioning that Wahaca was also listed as a runner up in this category – we were really pleased to be listed alongside this fantastically successful chain.



We were shortlisted in the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce Business Awards in the Meadowhall Excellence in Retail category.  This was a great achievement, this one is not customer voted and put us up alongside many great Sheffield businesses from a broad range of sectors.

Pinstone Street received 5 stars in their Food Hygiene Inspection.


So, we are really looking forward to 2015, and all the ups and downs it brings, hope you will join us along the way!