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Burrito Challenge

Eating ChallengeIf, like us, you have a healthy obsession with eating competitions then the Street Food Chef Burrito Challenge is for you.

Beware: Many who take on this eating challenge are victorious, but many have fallen at the hands of this, Sheffield’s very own foodie version of a Mexican bullfight.

El Bastardo

The Challenge

El Bastardo is a mere 3.5 times the weight of a normal Street Food Chef burrito, and contains an enticing recipe of rice, black beans and either smoky chicken or shredded pork. You don’t just choose one salsa, you’ll have all four – mild, medium, hot and hot hot! (This is not for the faint hearted.) It’s smothered in sour cream, guacamole, jalapenos (and yes, you MUST eat them!) as well as broken nacho chips. Phew!

All you have to do to win your place on the prestigious Wall of Fame is eat EVERYTHING ON THE PLATE in UNDER 1 HOUR.

What’s in it for me?

If you complete the eating challenge you’ll get a place on our esteemed Wall of Fame along with your completion time, as well as a certificate and a badge, and of course all the glory and bragging rights alongside other Challenge champions.

However, if you fail the challenge you’ll be pinned on the Wall of Shame and receive a certificate and badge declaring your defeat. If you’ve tried and failed before why not come back and try again?

We serve the Burrito Challenge from 2pm every day of the week.  We’re ready for anyone who wants to take on our legendary el Bastardo!

It would be handy to know when you are planning on coming, so please enquire with the store that you are interested in!

Terms & Conditions

  • El Bastardo costs £14.99 – a good price for a lot of potential food glory
  • To win your place on the Wall of Fame, you need to eat all the food on the plate in under an hour
  • Don’t try telling us that you don’t like something; we don’t accept any excuses – whoever heard of a sissy matador?
  • There’s no need to book, but it would be helpful to know you are coming.