“You can tweet what you like, we are SO ready” (quoted at me this morning)

We LOVE Tramlines!  Every year I burst with pride as I dash about Sheffield, dropping rice off here and posters off there, before I settle in one of our locations to roll burritos for hours….and hours….and roll a few more before falling into bed, waking up and doing it all over again.

I love the fact that Sheffield is open for business, showing the rest of the UK how we roll up here (see what I did there?).  Of course, there is the excitement at the main venues, but I get a buzz seeing all the bars, clubs, pubs and restaurants open their doors for 3 crazy music-filled days.  I love the story of Simmonite, the butcher in town who stayed open all night serving pies (are they doing that again this year?) and our own record-breaker Elliott, who rolled 1500 burritos at Ponderosa a couple of years ago.

And this is the truth of it, in the 7 years we have rolled burritos at Tramlines, I have managed to see one act (Neneh Cherry in 2015) and this only because we were trading in Ponderosa Park.  When you work in hospitality, you always work during the good stuff….Tramlines, Food Festival, Peace in the Parks…Christmas!

On the days when I can’t remember why I do this, I need to think of Tramlines, of how proud I feel to be part of this great city and this great event and how awesome the team of people are who I work with (Rich, Rob, Luke, Usha, Lexi, Steve and Darcus to name a few) who have planned and re-planned all week.  This weekend they will lug equipment, chop (a lot) of tomatoes/onions/peppers, pull pork, roll burritos, lug more equipment, get not very much sleep, clean toilets, smile, and ask thousands of times “How spicy would you like your salsa?”

So, this is a pat on the back going out to all the people working this weekend,  making sure visitors to Sheffield see it in all its finest glory, not just at The Street Food Chef, but the road sweepers and bin men, the security teams and the first aid guys.  And a huge shout out to ALL the hospitality teams, particularly all the Street Food Chefs in black, orange and yellow t-shirts –